Thursday, February 20, 2014

Presidents' Day Pics

I spent Presidents' Day this year primarily marathoning Doctor Who with my sister so it wasn't the most active day for me. However, I did take my dog, Lottie, for a walk out back. Lucky for us, it was quite a nice day out, compared to how it has been for the last few weeks, and I was able to get a few nice shots.

My dog really loves the snow. She leaps through it and she is always sticking her head into the snow. It's very fun to watch her play around in it! It has snowed a ton up where I live to the point where she wasn't all that happy to go outside. The snow was so deep in my backyard that she actually had difficulties moving in it. Thankfully, the snow melted to a point where she could roam freely again.

While walking, I noticed that one of the trees had a huge hole in it that definitely wasn't there a few weeks ago. A bit further on I found a tree that was covered in holes. My dad and I are pretty sure they were made by woodpeckers but I sadly haven't seen any yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!

One side of the woods behind my house borders the cemetery down the road. I hadn't seen it in winter because it is normally closed off but I'm glad I got the chance. It looked so peaceful and beautiful!